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                                            Was about to go 2011, President Liu Xinquan held in January 8th year-end sums up congress, on 2011 year job made comprehensive summary, and working on next to make detailed plan.  
                                            In 2011 the company is important a year, in October, with the two phase of construction completion, mark our company entered a new stage.In the new production environment, according to the nearly 3 months of production, productivity is completed before the, product quality also solves the technical problem of not stable, product qualification rate reached 97%.Yield, quality of double lift, let us not only firm hold and old customers, and also added nearly 1 / 3 of the new customers, more important is, as with the company to negotiate business, to provide a strong guarantee.In 2011 November, with the Guangzhou white contact, fully make sufficient preparation, years after strengthen public relations, invited to visit the guidance of my company.In addition, in 2011 exports also have outstanding achievement, the foreign trade customer reached 5, than last year, achieve the zero breakthrough.Now we have had the most difficult time, next year is our brilliant beginning!"    
                                              At the meeting, the chairman Liu Xinquan arranged for next year's work plan.Production, to undertake three phase of construction, strive for early put into use, the breakthrough capacity of 50000 tons; sales, domestic, international double attack, to expand sales channels, increase the network marketing and advertising promotion efforts, and strive to create "help clean" brand, expand the brand influence; technology, employing excellent technical experts, technical support; quality, in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system, strict requirements, not only requires the passing rate of 100%, higher requirements of quality products in the proportion of 80% or more; management, change the extensive management pattern, draw lessons from the management method, gradually implement fine management and 7S management, improve system implementation, the staff working efficiency and reduce cost.Welfare, gain benefits and outward training project, motivate staff enthusiasm, and self-motivated, organization of cultural and sports activities, forming a dedication, mutual love of enterprise culture.President Liu Xinquan says on Congress: "we the task henceforth is to scale, standardization, system is changed, to the domestic and foreign advanced corporate learning, gradually become outstanding, the country's large enterprises, to do its social responsibility."  
                                               Near the end of the year, for years after the normal operation of equipment, the company entering end equipment renovation, maintenance, production minister leads the staff of production department, struggle in the forefront.One week time to clear seriously, serious investigation, did not miss any subtle safety hazards; other departments also seriously under the requirements, serious work out work plan for next year.Office and other departments actively reflect the leading role, take the initiative to build office building sanitary cleaning, for years after the early removal using.2012-1-12

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